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# tweets_csv: tweets/tweets.csv (default)
consumer_key: your_consumer_key
consumer_secret: your_consumer_secret
access_token: your_access_token
access_secret: your_access_secret
# retro_days: 365 (default=365 / how days long ago do you want to see? / in N days ago)
# retweet: false (default)
# debug: false (default)
# dryrun: false (default)
# add_in_reply_to_url: false (default=false / add url of in_reply_to into the tweet)
# remove_hashtag: false (default=false / remove hashtag the tweet)
# suppress_pattern: '@\w+' (default=nil / regular expression for tweet text which you don't need to tweet)
# dying_mention_to: '@mirakui' (default=nil / send dying message as mention to this person if tweets.csv doesn't have tweets anymore)