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Brewery: prediction of 1D protein structure annotations

The web server, train and test sets of Brewery are available at
The docker container is available at (HOWTO).

The predictions of the UniProtKB entries for COVID-19 are available at
See to predict protein secondary structure only.

Pipeline of BreweryDiagram of the pipeline we propose to gather and exploit deeper profiles.


$ git clone --depth 1 && rm -rf Brewery/.git


  1. Python3 (;
  2. NumPy (;
  3. HHblits (;
  4. uniprot20 (

Optionally (for more accurate predictions):

  1. PSI-BLAST (;
  2. UniRef90 (

How to run Brewery with/without PSI-BLAST

# To exploit HHblits only (for fast and accurate predictions)
$ python3 Brewery/ -i Brewery/example/2FLGA.fasta --cpu 4 --fast

# To exploit both PSI-BLAST and HHblits (for very accurate predictions)
$ python3 Brewery/ -i Brewery/example/2FLGA.fasta --cpu 4

How to run Brewery on multiple sequences

# To split a FASTA file with multiple sequences (Optionally)
$ python3 Brewery/ many_sequences.fasta

# To predict all the fasta files in a given directory (Fastas)
$ python3 Brewery/ -i Fastas/ --cpu 4 --fast

# To run multiple predictions in parallel (using a total of 8 cores)
$ python3 Brewery/ -i Fastas/ --cpu 4 --parallel 2 --fast

How to visualize the help of Brewery

$ python3 Brewery/ --help
usage: [-h] [-input fasta_file] [--cpu CPU] [--fast] [--noSS]
                  [--noTA] [--noSA] [--noCD] [--distill] [--setup]

This is the standalone of Brewery5. Run it on a FASTA file to predict its
Secondary Structure in 3- and 8-classes (Porter5), Solvent Accessibility in 4
classes (PaleAle5), Torsional Angles in 14 classes (Porter+5) and Contact
Density in 4 classes (BrownAle).

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -input fasta_file  FASTA file containing the protein to predict
  --cpu CPU          How many cores to perform this prediction
  --fast             Use only HHblits (skip PSI-BLAST)
  --bfd              Harness also the BFD database (
  --noSS             Skip Secondary Structure prediction with Porter5
  --noTA             Skip Torsional Angles prediction with Porter+5
  --noSA             Skip Solvent Accessibility prediction with PaleAle5
  --noCD             Skip Contact Density prediction with BrownAle5
  --distill          Generate useful outputs for 3D protein structure prediction
  --setup            Initialize Brewery5 from scratch (it is recommended when
                     there has been any change involving PSI-BLAST, HHblits,
                     Brewery itself, etc).

E.g., run Brewery on 4 cores: python3 -i example/2FLGA --cpu 4

Use the docker image

# Set the absolute PATHs for databases and query sequences (stored locally)
$ docker run --name brewery -v /**PATH_to_uniprot20_2016_02**:/uniprot20 \
-v /**PATH_to_UniRef90_optional**:/uniref90 -v /**PATH_to_fasta_to_predict**:/Brewery/query \
--cap-add IPC_LOCK mircare/brewery sleep infinity &

# Run a prediction using 5 cores and HHblits only
$ docker exec brewery python3 -i query/2FLGA.fasta --cpu 5 --fast

Performances of Secondary Structure Predictors in 3 classes

Method Q3 per AA SOV'99 per AA Q3 per protein SOV'99 per protein
Brewery 83.81% 80.41% 84.32% 81.05%
SPIDER 3 83.15% 79.43% 83.42% 79.79%
Brewery HHblits only 83.06% 79.49% 83.68% 80.26%
SSpro 5.1 with templates 82.58% 78.54% 83.94% 80.29%
PSIPRED 4.01 81.88% 77.36% 82.48% 78.22%
RaptorX-Property 81.86% 78.08% 82.57% 78.99%
Porter 4 81.66% 78.05% 82.29% 78.61%
SSpro 5.1 ab initio 81.17% 76.87% 81.10% 76.92%
DeepCNF 81.04% 76.74% 81.16% 76.99%

Reference: Table 1 in

Performances of Secondary Structure Predictors in 8 classes

Method Q8 per AA SOV8_refine per AA Q8 per protein SOV8_refine per protein
Brewery 73.02% 72.09% 73.92% 72.64%
SSpro 5.1 with templates 71.91% 70.72% 74.46% 73.45%
Brewery HHblits only 71.8% 71.16% 72.83% 71.74%
RaptorX-Property 70.74% 69.65% 71.78% 70.03%
DeepCNF 69.76% 68.5% 70.14% 68.06%
SSpro 5.1 ab initio 68.85% 67.54% 69.27% 67.91%

Reference: Table 2 in

Performances of Solvent Accessibility Predictors in up to 4 classes

Method Q2 per AA Q3 per AA Q4 per AA
ACCpro 5.1 with templates 80.5% N.A. N.A.
Brewery 80.48% 66.41% 56.46%
PaleAle 4 78.21% N.A. 52.53%
SPIDER 3 77.91% 61.19% 49.01%
ACCpro 5.1 ab initio 76.6% N.A. N.A.
RaptorX-Property N.A. 63.25% N.A.

Performances of Torsion Angles Predictors in 14 classes

Method Q14 per AA Q14 per protein
Brewery 69.93% 70.59%
SPIDER 3 66.58% 66.27%
Porter+ 64.73% 66%

Performances of Contact Density Predictors in 4 classes

Method Q4 per AA Q4 per protein
Brewery 50.01% 48%
BrownAle 46.5% N.A.


If you use Brewery, please cite our Bioinformatics paper:

	title = {Brewery: Deep Learning and deeper profiles for the prediction of 1D protein structure annotations},
	doi = {10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa204},
	journal = {Bioinformatics},
	author = {Torrisi, Mirko and Pollastri, Gianluca}


Brewery: Deep Learning and deeper profiles for the prediction of 1D protein structure annotations,
Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press; Mirko Torrisi and Gianluca Pollastri;
Guest link:

Protein Structure Annotations; Essentials of Bioinformatics, Volume I. Springer Nature;
Mirko Torrisi and Gianluca Pollastri; Post-print:

Deeper Profiles and Cascaded Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks for state-of-the-art Protein Secondary Structure Prediction, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group; Mirko Torrisi, Manaz Kaleel and Gianluca Pollastri;

PaleAle 5.0: prediction of protein relative solvent accessibility by deep learning, Amino Acids, Springer
Manaz Kaleel, Mirko Torrisi, Catherine Mooney and Gianluca Pollastri; Guest Link:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Email us at gianluca[dot]pollastri[at]ucd[dot]ie if you wish to use it for purposes not permitted by the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Creative Commons License