🃏 An extension to ActiveModel::Serializer that validates serializers output against a JSON schema
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This gem adds JSON schema validations for the JSON output generated by an ActiveModel::Serializer.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'active_model_serializers_validator'


The gem adds two instance methods (#valid? and #errors) and one class method (.json_schema) to the ActiveModel::Serializer class.

A JSON schema

  "type": "object",
  "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-03/schema",
  "id": "#",
  "required": false,
  "additionalProperties": false,
  "properties": {
    "favorite_number": {
      "type": "integer",
      "id": "favorite_number",
      "required": true

A serializer

class MySerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
  json_schema '/path/to/my/schema.jsonschema'
  attribute :favorite_number

object = OpenStruct.new(favorite_number: 'what?')
serializer = MySerializer.new(object)

# => false

# => [The property '#/foo' of type String did not match the following type: integer in schema /path/to/my/schema.jsonschema]


ActiveModel::Serializer::Validator is © 2013-2015 Mirego and may be freely distributed under the New BSD license. See the LICENSE.md file.

About Mirego

Mirego is a team of passionate people who believe that work is a place where you can innovate and have fun. We're a team of talented people who imagine and build beautiful Web and mobile applications. We come together to share ideas and change the world.

We also love open-source software and we try to give back to the community as much as we can.