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Core utilities for Kotlin Multiplatform
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Kotlin Multiplatform implementation of threads, timers, atomic references and iso8601 dates.

AtomicReference and AtomicListReference

AtomicReference implementation on all platform

val atom = AtomicReference("a")
atom.compareAndSet("a", "b")
atom.setOrThrow("c", "b") // Will throw

val list = AtomicListReference<String>()
list.add("a") // Thread safely adds "a"
list.remove("a") // Thread safely removes "a"


Single and repeatable multiplatform timer implementations

 val doOnceTimer = TimerFactory.single(12.seconds) { doSomething() }
 val repeatTimer = TimerFactory.repeatable(12.seconds) { doSomething() }
 repeatTimer.cancel() // stop the timer

Dates (Basic from and to ISO8601)

Multiplatform iso date implementation

val now =            // GMT
val date = now + 5.seconds
val isoDate = date.toISO8601()  // yyyy-MM-dd:mm:dd:ssZ
val otherDate = Date.fromISO8601(isoDate)
otherDate == date               // true

Multiplatform freezing

Allow freezing in common code. Does nothing in js and JVM.


In swift, use access freeze via MrFreezeKt class helper to freeze object.

MrFreezeKt.freeze(objectToFreeze: objectToFreeze)

Dispatch Queues

While waiting for Sharing of coroutines across threads in Kotlin/Native to work correctly. provide a standard Thread model based on queues. When this issue will be resolved, DispatchQueues will be converted to Coroutines.

See: Dispatch Queues


Import dependencies
    api "com.mirego.trikot:foundation:$trikot_foundation_version"
    jvm "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-jvm:$trikot_foundation_version"
    js "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-js:$trikot_foundation_version"
    iosx64 "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-iosx64:$trikot_foundation_version"
    iosarm64 "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-iosarm64:$trikot_foundation_version"
    iosarm32 "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-iosarm32:$trikot_foundation_version"
    tvosx64 "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-tvosx64:$trikot_foundation_version"
    tvosarm64 "com.mirego.trikot:foundation-tvosarm64:$trikot_foundation_version"

License is © 2018-2019 Mirego and may be freely distributed under the New BSD license. See the file.

About Mirego

Mirego is a team of passionate people who believe that work is a place where you can innovate and have fun. We’re a team of talented people who imagine and build beautiful Web and mobile applications. We come together to share ideas and change the world.

We also love open-source software and we try to give back to the community as much as we can.

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