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  1. accent

    ▴ Open-source, self-hosted, developer-oriented translation tool

    Elixir 387 27

  2. gaffe

    💥 Gaffe handles Rails error pages in a clean, simple way.

    Ruby 220 18

  3. activerecord_json_validator

    🔩 ActiveRecord::JSONValidator makes it easy to validate JSON attributes against a JSON schema.

    Ruby 154 18

  4. MCUIViewLayout

    MCUIViewLayout is a category added over UIView to easily build layouts

    Objective-C 81 9

  5. accent-cli

    Sync, merge and export with the Accent API.

    TypeScript 7 3

  6. simple-css-reset

    🎏 A simple, no-nonsense CSS reset stylesheet to use as an NPM dependency.

    CSS 10 3

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