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My personal website, hosted at Built with Pelican (Python 3).

Theme is very highly customized pelican-bootstrap3, now running Bootstrap 4.

You need Node to build the theme (npm install && npx gulp). You need pelican, typogrify and Markdown the build the site (see requirements.txt). You also need pelican-plugins in parent of this directory.

Using Docker to build the site

First, build container image with all dependencies:

docker build --network host -t pelican_website .

Now, run container to build the site itself. There are couple of ways to approach it:

  1. Build website and copy artifacts back to host:

     docker run pelican_website publish
     docker cp $(docker ps -lq):/var/www/pelican/output ./output/
     docker rm $(docker ps -lq) # remove container
  2. Use container to run multiple build commands:

     # start container
     docker run -dt -p 8000:8000 --entrypoint 'sh' pelican_website
     docker exec $(docker ps -lq) make html
     docker exec $(docker ps -lq) make serve
     # or connect for interactive session
     docker exec -ti $(docker ps -lq) sh
     # once you are done, remove the container
     docker stop $(docker ps -lq)
     docker rm $(docker ps -lq)
  3. Run interactive session in container - container is removed automatically once session ends:

     docker run --rm -ti -p 8000:8000 --entrypoint /bin/sh pelican_website

You can share local content directory with container by appending following option to any run command above: -v ./content/:/var/www/pelican/content/. This way you won't have to rebuild container image every time you change site content. You still need to rebuild container if you change the theme.

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