Helps display and validate Recaptchas for node.js
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node-recaptcha renders and verifies Recaptcha captchas.

NOTE: This release currently only supports Recaptcha version 1.


Via git:

$ git clone git:// ~/.node_libraries/node-recaptcha

Via npm:

$ npm install recaptcha


Before you can use this module, you must visit to request a public and private API key for your domain.

Running the Tests

To run the tests for this module, you will first need to install nodeunit. Then, simply run:

$ nodeunit test.js

Customizing the Recaptcha

See these instructions for help customizing the look of Recaptcha. In brief, you will need to add a structure like the following before the form in your document:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var RecaptchaOptions = {
       theme : 'clean',
       lang  : 'en'

Example Using Express


var express  = require('express'),
    Recaptcha = require('recaptcha').Recaptcha;


var app = express.createServer();

app.configure(function() {

app.get('/', function(req, res) {
    var recaptcha = new Recaptcha(PUBLIC_KEY, PRIVATE_KEY);

    res.render('form.jade', {
        layout: false,
        locals: {
            recaptcha_form: recaptcha.toHTML()
});'/', function(req, res) {
    var data = {
        remoteip:  req.connection.remoteAddress,
        challenge: req.body.recaptcha_challenge_field,
        response:  req.body.recaptcha_response_field
    var recaptcha = new Recaptcha(PUBLIC_KEY, PRIVATE_KEY, data);

    recaptcha.verify(function(success, error_code) {
        if (success) {
            res.send('Recaptcha response valid.');
        else {
            // Redisplay the form.
            res.render('form.jade', {
                layout: false,
                locals: {
                    recaptcha_form: recaptcha.toHTML()



form(method='POST', action='.')
  != recaptcha_form

  input(type='submit', value='Check Recaptcha')

Make sure express and jade are installed, then:

$ node app.js