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print "Hello LUV!"
potential_content = raw_input("Name one of your urgencies?")
potential_collegues = raw_input("Who shares this urgency with you?")
potential_methode = raw_input("How do you want to approach this shared urgency?")
if len(potential_content) > 0 and potential_content.isalpha():
if len(potential_collegues) > 0 and potential_collegues.isalpha():
if len(potential_methode) > 0 and potential_methode.isalpha():
print "Imagine yourself far away on top of a hill inside and around a castle with %s, envisioning the future of %s, while %s." % (potential_collegues,potential_content,potential_methode)
#It may sound creepy, but trust me it's not. ;-)
print "Try again"
def luv_approach(f,u)
# f = number of recurring folks
# u = number of shared urgencies
if f >= 20 and u == 1:
return "Tackle the shared urgency and explore it from diffrent angles for the five following days!"
elif f < 20 or u >= 2:
return "Getting to know the intriguing strangers and being inspired by urgencies and point of views that lay outside one's own filter-bubble..."
return "The werewolves are watching you!"
luv_approach() #add your arguments here!