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What ist Debotnet?

Debotnet is a free and portable tool, which can can help you taking back your Windows 10 Privacy by minimizing telemetry and maximizing privacy.

Is it ONLY running on Windows 10

It will run on any Windows version, but the changes will ONLY take effect on Windows 10. You should not either run it on Windows 8.1/8

Debotnet requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Tell more more!

There are some in-depth privacy apps out there, that are more widely known and I wasn't sure if the world needed another one. Every day I see a new PowerShell or command-line script on GitHub. Some were good (for an experienced User) but not transparent enough (also for the experienced User). Some have confused me, others I couldn't trust. So I had to get something of my own. Several weeks before I read the Windows 10 de-botnet guide of Federico Dossena. I really liked it and it started out this way.

Initial release of the first public beta was on 23 December 2019. In the first two weeks the beta of Debotnet has been downloaded over 30k times, thanks to r/privacy and some other blogs.

Is it free for commercial use?

Yes, it is.

Am I allowed to modify the Debotnet package?

Yes, you can edit, modify, copy, merge, redistribute and build upon the material in any medium or format. Maybe you should also read the License.

Will it break Windows?

No, I have been running these scripts and tweaks on dozens of Windows 10 systems! Please note that some changes can not be reverted (e.g. restoring deleted services) or Debotnet does not provide these functions, e.g. re-installling the built-in UWP apps (bloatware). Some scripts like the removal of Windows Defender can not be reverted too. Unless you read the notes (also the scripts marked with "recommended") and know which part of Windows you definitely do not need, nothing will break.

Will Windows overwrite my changes made with Debotnet?

Of course. Every major update will, so re-run it after those!

Will I accept modifications if breakages are found?

Should one or the other script really cause errors, you can of course do the modification yourself (Debotnet > Code). If you want to help others, please share the optimized scripts with the changes on GitHub. With the built-in script update function (Debotnet > Update), anyone can update their scripts to the latest and most secure version.

Debotnet CodeNames

You will find here a listing of the different Debotnet release codenames. The first codename was given to release 0.5.3 of Debotnet.

v0.6x > Plinius

v0.5x > Centaur

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