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HTML presentation engine. Follow @shower_me for support and updates.

To see Shower in action:

  • Open
  • Click any slide to enter presentation mode
  • Use arrow keys to navigate
  • Press Esc to exit presentation mode

See more details on using keyboard to control Shower.

Using Shower

There are two ways of using Shower: you can get full template ZIP 1.7 MB or just an engine ZIP 915 KB. See more details for beginners and advanced techniques in Quick Start instructions.

Printing to PDF

You can print your presentation to PDF using Google Chrome “Print to PDF” option in print dialog or wkhtmltopdf or Prince. Example of Shower template printed by Prince: PDF 435 KB. See more detais on printing in documentation.

Usage examples

Browser support

Supported desktop browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Only latest stable versions of mentioned browsers are supported.


You're always welcome to contibute. Fork project, make changes and send it as pull request. But it's better to file an issue with your idea first. Read contributing rules for more details.

Main contributors: pepelsbey, jahson, miripiruni, kizu.

Licensed under MIT License, see license page for details.