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An adaptation of Tim Brown's Web Font Specimen for Compass
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Web Font Specimen - Compass Plugin

Web Font Specimen is a tool built by Tim Brown(Nice Web Type) to help web designers make type-setting decisions. It was ported to Compass by Eric Meyer.


sudo gem install webfontspecimen

Create A Project Using WFS:

compass create <project name> -r webfontspecimen -u webfontspecimen

Or Add WFS To An Existing Project:

Edit the project configuration file and add:

require 'webfontspecimen'    

Using Web Font Specimen:

  1. Add your typeface(s) to your specified fonts folder.

    • This is already specified as fonts_dir in your config.rb file.
    • Or link to fonts from google, typekit, or other services
  2. For multiple specimens

    • Duplicate _type_specimen_1.scss
    • Add @import "_type_specimen_NEW_NUMBER.scss"; to specimen.scss
  3. Add your font name and file path to $font-name and $font-file-name to _type_specimen_1.scss

    • Optional: add your $pretty-font-name (displays on the specimen.html page)
  4. Make adjustments to specimen.html

    • For multiple specimens duplicate and rename for each font being sure to change the stylesheet link as needed.
  5. Enjoy!

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