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Telegram bot template in python-telegram-bot

Start from here

  • Clone this repo
  • Edit bot_token in configs.telegram
  • Install python-telegram-bot pip install python-telegram-bot
  • run your bot python

Add new commands

  • create new file with your command name in commands directory with start or say as template
  • add to commands/init
  • add to run with dp.add_handler(..)

Add new dialog

  • create new file in dialogs directory with hello as template
  • add to dialogs/init
  • add to dialogs/handler


In utils there are commonly used functions, mainly tools and dummy functions.

Dummy functions?

The dummy functions are functions that facilitate other functions.
For example user.get_name(..) facilitates the taking of the name and surname if the username is not present.

Add new utils

Each util should be part of the file that closes a set of functions.
For example get_name is an executable function on the user so it is present in the user file. A function that takes the id of a chat is part of the up (update) file.

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