Simple Angular 2 + TypeScript + Webpack starter project used in the Angular 2 From The Ground Up course.
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Angular 2 Starter

A simple Angular 2 starter project based on NPM, TypeScript, and Webpack. Used to show how to set up a project build workflow from scratch.

This master branch contains the simplest configuration. Other branches show some additional features:

To work on this project:

  • Run npm install inside the project folder to download all the dependencies. This only needs to be done once.
  • Run npm run serve to start a local development web server. You can now access the application at localhost:8080.
  • Run npm run build to bundle everything into the dist folder for deployment.
  • Run npm run build:prod to do the same as above but enabling optimisations for production.

This example is part of the Angular 2 From The Ground Up course.