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A tool for creating a Neo4j graph database of Wikipedia pages and the links between them.


This is a Java project built with Maven.

Check the neo4j.version property in the top-level pom.xml file and make sure it matches the Neo4j version you intend to use to open the database. Then build with

mvn package

This will generate a package including all dependencies in graphipedia-dataimport/target/graphipedia-dataimport.jar.

Importing Data

The graphipedia-dataimport module allows to create a Neo4j database from a Wikipedia database dump.

See Wikipedia:Database_download for instructions on getting a Wikipedia database dump.

Assuming you downloaded pages-articles.xml.bz2, follow these steps:

  1. Run ExtractLinks to create a smaller intermediate XML file containing page titles and links only. The best way to do this is decompress the bzip2 file and pipe the output directly to ExtractLinks:

    bzip2 -dc pages-articles.xml.bz2 | java -classpath graphipedia-dataimport.jar org.graphipedia.dataimport.ExtractLinks - enwiki-links.xml

  2. Run ImportGraph to create a Neo4j database with nodes and relationships into a graphdb directory

    java -Xmx3G -classpath graphipedia-dataimport.jar org.graphipedia.dataimport.neo4j.ImportGraph enwiki-links.xml graphdb

Just to give an idea, enwiki-20130204-pages-articles.xml.bz2 is 9.1G and contains almost 10M pages, resulting in over 92M links to be extracted.

On my laptop with an SSD drive the import takes about 30 minutes to decompress/ExtractLinks (pretty much the same time as decompressing only) and an additional 10 minutes to ImportGraph.

(Note that disk I/O is the critical factor here: the same import will easily take several hours with an old 5400RPM drive.)


The Neo4j browser can be used to query and visualise the imported graph. Here are some sample Cypher queries.

Show all pages linked to a given starting page - e.g. "Neo4j":

MATCH (p0:Page {title:'Neo4j'}) -[Link]- (p:Page)
RETURN p0, p

Find how two pages - e.g. "Neo4j" and "Kevin Bacon" - are connected:

MATCH (p0:Page {title:'Neo4j'}), (p1:Page {title:'Kevin Bacon'}),
  p = shortestPath((p0)-[*..6]-(p1))


Creates a Neo4j graph of Wikipedia links.



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