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Resting is a visual HTTP client browser extension.


The mission of Resting is to simplify the daily work of developer in debugging, testing and inspecting HTTP requests.

The goal of Resting is to be light and focused on the management of saved requests.

Main Features


  • Support multipart, x-www-form-urlencoded, raw data request body, file upload.
  • BASIC, Oauth2.0, JWT Authentication.
  • Work with multiple requests using Tabs.
  • Http headers autocompletion.


  • Highlight the response.
  • Copy to clipboard.

Contexts and variables

  • Use variables to generalize part of the request.
  • Organize variables into contexts.


  • Save requests as bookmarks to future usage.
  • Collect bookmarks into folders.
  • Import/Export your bookmarks as HAR archives.


Data is yours. Resting doesn't save in any servers data about the APIs you invoke or any other data about the usage of Resting. Everything is stored offline on your device, all the data is saved locally in the Indexed DB of your browser.


This is the road to Resting v2.0

  • Support file uploading #53
  • Complete Oauth2.0 authentication #110
  • Headers completion suggestion #52
  • List available context variables fo the request #114


Official release

Resting is available for:

Test development version

You can install Resting from the source code following these instructions:

  1. git clone
  2. cd resting/scripts && ./ or cd resting/scripts && ./build-unsigned.ps1 if you are using windows
  3. Go to the addons page in Firefox and click Install Add-on From File

Setup a development environment

Requirement: You need Firefox Dev Edition.

  1. git clone
  2. Open Firefox Dev Edition
  3. Visit url about:debugging
  4. Load temporary Addon
  5. Navigate your filesystem and select the manifest file in the addon
  6. The addon is loaded in the toolbar

Tech Stack

  • Knockout.js 3.x: MVVM framework
  • Bootstrap 3.x: UI framework
  • highlight.js: response highlighter
  • localforage: storage manager
  • JQuery 3.x: essentially used to perform http requests


Resting tries to follow these principles:

  • KISS and YAGNI, trying to maintain project light in code and libraries
  • Keep the focus on result: the development cycle is composed by two steps: the first takes deliberately technological debt to ship features in a quick way, the second applies a phase of refactor to maintain the code clean.

The project follows the semantic versioning


  • Use it! 😃
  • Signal a bug
  • Suggest a new feature or an improvement of an existing one
  • This project is community friendly: put a 👍 on a feature or an improvement. Issues with a lot of votes will be put on the top of the todo stack
  • A cup of coffee: paypal | liberapay
  • Star the project 🌟


Project contributors here


Resting is released under GPL v3 license after commit 117e15a33e97bc9c0905139ca527398e77e79620

Resting was released under MIT license until v1.0.2

Why I changed license

I know Resting will never be a breakdown project, it is only a personal project and so the license change is only an ethical-political action.

I created Resting to solve my needs and to help users with needs like mine. My intent is to create a little community of users and contributors around the project to grow it up and so I want the project to stay free and accessible forever even when I will be no longer the main maintainer.