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Gentle peruser, it's in the code, with my best attempted guidance for less advanced (but truly hard-working) in the comments.

To understand, and maybe also to use the code, there may be some figuring out that's needed on your part.

All git versions included may be needed, and useful for some of the stages.

Look up the The initial version is actually Chaosreader. And then follow my transforming of it, the debugging of it, and my starting to write

The does extract pretty much all files from TCP SSL-streams (and sure equally well plain TCP streams, but who uses plain browsing anymore?).

I first trace and screen my stay online with my:

Afterwards, if I analyze a whole bunch I may run from my

which runs tshark-hosts-conv and tshark-streams (usually non-interactively).

And this stream-cont was sorely missing in my toolbox.

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