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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use File::stat;
use Getopt::Long;
use XML::Twig;
my $cp= 'rsync';
my( $message, $commit);
GetOptions( 'message=s' => \$message, 'commit!' => \$commit);
$message="web update" unless( defined $message);
$commit= 0 unless( defined $commit);
my $MIRROR_DIR = "/web/xmltwig/infotree/xmltwig";
my $version = $XML::Twig::VERSION;
my $tar = "XML-Twig-$version.tar.gz";
my $dev_text = "dev.txt";
my $dev_html = "dev.html";
my $readme = "XML-Twig-$version.README";
my $cover = "cover";
system "make clean;";
system 'rm; perl speedup Twig_pm.slow >; echo "y\ny\ny\n" | perl Makefile.PL -y; make';
#system "sudo make install";
system "make tardist";
system "pod2text > $dev_text; ./my_pod2html > $dev_html";
system "$cp $tar $dev_text $dev_html Changes $MIRROR_DIR/";
system "$cp $dev_text $MIRROR_DIR/dv.txt";
system "$cp $dev_html $MIRROR_DIR/dv.html";
system "$cp $dev_text $MIRROR_DIR/twig_dev.txt";
system "$cp $dev_html $MIRROR_DIR/twig_dev.html";
system "$cp README $MIRROR_DIR/$readme";
system "$cp -r tools $MIRROR_DIR/";
system "$cp cover_db/*.css $MIRROR_DIR/$cover/";
foreach my $html (glob( "cover_db/*.html"))
{ system "cp $html $MIRROR_DIR/$cover/" unless( $html=~ m{/-[^/]*$}); }
if( mtime( "faq.xml") > mtime( "faq.html") )
{ warn "generating faq\n";
system "perl twig_faq faq.xml > faq.html";
system "$cp faq.html XML-Twig-FAQ.html ; $cp faq.html XML-Twig-FAQ.html $MIRROR_DIR/";
fill_updated_time( faq_updated => "$MIRROR_DIR/index.html");
system qq{git push origin master} if( $commit); # push to github
chdir $MIRROR_DIR;
fill_updated_time( index_updated => "$MIRROR_DIR/index.html");
system qq{~/bin/apply_template -v xmltwig/}; # update local version of the web site
system qq{~/bin/rsync_web}; # update live web site
sub mtime
{ warn "testing time for '$_[0]'\n"; return stat( $_[0])->mtime; }
sub fill_updated_time
{ my( $class, $file)= @_;
system qq{perl -p -i -e's{(?<=<span class="$class">)[^<]*(?=</span>)}{ scalar localtime()}ge;' $file};
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