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Chuvash Keyboard Layout for Mac OS

Chuvash Keyboard Layout (Input Source) is created using Ukulele according the steps described in Salvatore Testas blog post.

Choosing Chuvash Input source

How to install

Follow the instructions provided in the docs section

Design principles

  • It should support Chuvash
  • It should facilitate the digitalization of Ašmarin's dictionary (with all the special characters)
  • It should enable an easy input in other Cyrillic-based languages like Tatar, Udmurt, Mari, Bashkir, Sakha, Erzyan, Mokshan, Tuva etc.
  • It should work on both ISO and ANSI keyboard layouts (meaning the AB00 key should duplicated or avoided)


The layout is the same as the one for Windows. Instead of AltGR, on Mac we can use Option (left and right) to type ӐӑӖӗҪҫӲӳ. Details about the layout are in the ChuvashKeyboardOSX.pdf file

Option Modifier

Symbol Keys Description
ӑ Cyrillic a with breve, press to capitalize
ӗ Cyrillic e with breve
ҫ Cyrillic s with cedilla
ӳ Cyrillic u with double acute
ү Cyrillic ue
њ Nje
ҥ En-ghe
ә Cyrillic schwa
ө Cyrillic oe
' Apostroph
һ Shha
ћ Tshe
-п Lozenge
Box-drawing character
\ Magnitude
љ Lje
җ Zhje
є Ukrainian Ye
ђ Dje
і Cyrillic Dotted I
ң En with descender
ї -. Cyrillic Yi

Dead keys

Dead key State Entering Combinations
Diaeresis 0 -й ӱёӟӹӓӧӝӵӥ
Special 1 -ф үәөҕ
Descender 2 -ы қџңҗҳ
Cedilla 3 -ы ҫҙ
Stroke 4 -я ұҡғҥ
Breve 5 -ц ўӗӑо̆
Acute 6 -1 ќѓ
Latin Chuvash 7 д ÿĕçă
Double Acute 8 1 ӳ ő (lat)
Caron 9 м р̌ т̌ Ť (lat)

Accented characters

The names of the keyboard keys are from the ISO 9995 standard

Support for other languages

2016-11-01 support for Tatar, Bashkir, Udmurt, Mari, Kazakh and Uzbek was added, which is implemented through dead keys. Use keyboard preview to find out how to type these letters.


CVLat is a Latin based Chuvash writing system, formalized by @armuti. It is based on the English alphabet and additional ă ĕ ş š ü. To write them you only need to use the International Extended Keyboard Layout on Mac OS and choose diacritics before printing the main letter.

Diacritics Dead Key Then Result
Breve b a e ă ĕ
Cedilla c s ş
Diaeresis u u ü
Caron v s š