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To follow this workshop, it's assumed that you have at least a basic knowledge of C# language and version control with Git.

In order to prepare for the workshop, there are several tools that need to be installed. Follow the links below to prepare your machine.

Required tools

For this workshop, you will need the following:

  1. Latest Visual Studio 2019 Preview
    • Pick up Community version if you don't have a Visual Studio subscription
    • In the Visual Studio Installer, install the following workloads:
      • ASP.NET and web development
      • .NET Core cross-platform development
      • Latest .NET Core SDK is installed with Visual Studio Preview (update your installation if necessary)
  2. Latest Blazor template installed - dotnet new -i Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Templates::3.0.0-preview9.19465.2
  3. Official git client
  4. GitHub account
  5. Postman

If the time allows, we will also explore publish and deployment scenarios. For that, you will also need:

  1. Docker Desktop
  2. Docker Hub account


  1. Latest .NET Core 3.0 SDK
  2. Visual Studio Code editor
    • If you are using Linux or Mac for development.
    • If you don't want to install full Visual Studio 2019 Preview on Windows.
    • You will also need to install C# for Visual Studio Code extension.
    • It's ok to install it side-by-side with VS 2019 Preview - during live workshop, we can demonstrate both
  3. JetBrains Rider
  4. BitBucket or another online code repository instead of GitHub
  5. Any visual tool for git (if you prefer it over command line):


  1. JetBrains ReSharper
  2. Visual Studio Extensions
  3. Visual Studio Code Extensions

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