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The first part of the workshop will be spent on introduction.

Personal introduction

During on-site workshop, each attendee will introduce itself to others. After all, we'll spend some time and work together, so it's a good idea to get to know your "partners in crime".

If you are following this workshop through notes, feel free to DM me on Twitter @miroslavpopovic or find another way of communication through my blog :).

Introduction to .NET Core

This introduction is done in form of PowerPoint presentation. It covers history, overview of some features, current state of performance and adoption, the .NET Foundation and of course a future of .NET. You can download the presentation here.

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

This introduction is also done in form of PowerPoint presentation. It covers benefits, basics, MVC, Web API, data access and auth. You can create new ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET Core Web API applications in parallel to check out all the mentioned features yourself. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Environment setup

Checking if everyone have their environments set up correctly according to prerequisites document.

Trying out if dotnet command line is functioning correctly and whether we have correct .NET Core version installed:

dotnet --version

Visual Studio 2019 Preview should also be installed, or Visual Studio Code with C# for Visual Studio Code extension.

For checking if git is installed and active:

git --version

Next: Tools and templates

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