A Node.js module that runs CasperJS scripts in Docker containers
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A Node.js module that runs CasperJS scripts in Docker containers.

It is a slightly modified version of the one used by the casperbox.com service (now shut down).


Tested on Ubuntu 14.04.

  1. Install Docker

  2. Build the Docker image used to run CasperJS scripts in:

    $ sudo docker build -t ubuntu/14.04:casperbox .
  3. Edit the run-script-in-docker--password.sh file to update the sudo password


var casper = require('./casperjs-docker');
  "var casper = require('casper').create();\
  casper.start('http://casperjs.org', function() {\
    casper.echo('Hello, world!');\
  function(err, script) {
  source: 'var casper = require(\'casper\').create();\ncasper.start(\'http://casperjs.org\', function() {\n  casper.echo(\'Hello, world!\');\n});\ncasper.run();\n',
  startedAt: 1434145107992,
  output: 'Hello, world!\n',
  finishedAt: 1434145111563

Scripts are run with CasperJS 1.1-beta3 and PhantomJS 1.9.7. If you'd like to use other versions feel free to modify the Dockerfile and rebuild the image.

Every script is automatically terminated after 30 seconds. If it's not enough for you feel free to modify the timeout in the casperjs-docker.js file (look for the maxScriptRunTime variable).


There are a couple of Mocha tests. If you're curious you can run them like this (the -t option is the test case timeout):

$ mocha -t 35000

There's also a blog post on my blog.