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The best library to speed up Java development.
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Tired of writing 10 lines of java code to do a simple IO operation? is a clean, flexible API that does what you want in one line of code.

It's as simple as IO.from(a).to(b)

//Read a file to a String
String data = IO.from(new File("data.txt")).toString();

//Read a file as an Image
BufferedImage img = IO.from(new File("img.png")).toImage();

//Read a URL as Json
Json json = IO.fromURL("").toJson();

Writing data is just as easy.

//Write a String to a File
IO.from("Coding is fun!").to(new File("output.txt"));

//Write an image to a File
IO.from(myImage).to(new File("img.png"));


Here are some examples of the Json API

//parse Json from a String
Json json = new Json(s);

//construct a Json Object
Json json = Json.object()
  .with("age", 16);
//make an array
Json json = Json.array().add("Gold").add("Pearls").add("Diamonds");

//Read some values from a Json object
String name = json.get("name");
int age = json.getInt("age");

//Loop through a Json Array
for(String value : json){

A whole lot more

There's a lot more useful stuff in here that I don't have time to document yet. But check out and just browse through some of the other files.

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