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# The Miruken Specification > Miruken handles()'s your application!

## What is Miruken

Miruken is an application framework that embraces composition, convention, decoration, intention, and aspect-oriented programming.

Inversion of Control is the principle that separates a framework from an API. Miruken leverages the dynamic and object oriented capabilities of programming languages. Miruken focuses on the challenges surrounding models and controllers. It does all the heavy lifting of mapping, validation, and error handling. Other frameworks have the view covered.

## What does Miruken mean?

### miru, ken 見

  • perceive
  • see, observe, behold
  • view

Miru and ken are Japanese words that both mean "view". Put them together and you have Miruken. It means "a view of a view" and alludes to composition.

[Learn to draw the Japanese symbol for miru, ken](