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django-prices: Django fields for the prices module

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Provides support for models:

from django.db import models

from django_prices.models import PriceField

class Product(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField('Name')
    price = PriceField('Price', currency='BTC', max_digits=12, decimal_places=2)

And forms:

from django import forms

from django_prices.forms import PriceField

class ProductForm(forms.Form):
    name = forms.CharField(label='Name')
    price = PriceField(label='Price', currency='BTC')

And templates:

{% load prices %}

<p>Price: {% gross foo.price %} ({% net foo.price %} + {% tax foo.price %} tax)</p>

Note: for template tags to work, you need to add django_prices to your INSTALLED_APPS.

You can also install the wonderful babel library and get proper currency symbols with prices_i18n. First install BabelDjango:

$ pip install BabelDjango

Then follow the instruction to add it to your INSTALLED_APPS and MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES. Finally load the localized template tags:

{% load prices_i18n %}

<p>Price: {% gross foo.price %} ({% net foo.price %} + {% tax foo.price %} tax)</p>

You can also use HTML output from prices_i18n template tags, they will wrap currency symbol in a <span> element:

{% load prices_i18n %}

<p>Price: {% gross foo.price html=True %} ({% net foo.price html=True %} + {% tax foo.price html=True %} tax)</p>

It will be rendered as a following structure (for example with English locale):

<span class="currency">$</span>15.00

Batteries included: django-prices comes with South migration support.