Vatlayer API support for django-prices
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django-prices-vatlayer: Vatlayer API support for prices

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from prices import Money, TaxedMoney
from django_prices_vatlayer.utils import (
    get_tax_for_rate, get_tax_rates_for_country)

de_tax_rates = get_tax_rates_for_country('DE')
books_tax = get_tax_for_rate(de_tax_rates, 'books')

price_with_vat = books_tax(Money(10, 'EUR'))
# TaxedMoney(net=Money('10', 'EUR'), gross=Money('11', 'EUR'))

price_with_vat = books_tax(
    TaxedMoney(net=Money(10, 'EUR'), gross=Money(10, 'EUR')))
# TaxedMoney(net=Money('10', 'EUR'), gross=Money('11', 'EUR'))


The package can easily be installed via pip:

pip install django-prices-vatlayer

After installation, you'll also need to setup your site to use it. To do that, open your and do the following:

  1. Add 'django_prices_vatlayer', to your INSTALLED_APPS
  3. Replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with the API key that you have obtained from vatlayer API

Lastly, run migrate to create new tables in your database and get_vat_rates to populate them with initial data.

Forcing secure API connection in production

Because HTTPS is unavailable in the free vatlayer plan, django-prices-vatlayer uses the unsafe HTTP connection by default.

If you are using a paid plan, you can force the secure HTTP on your site by adding following line to your


Remember that not using HTTPS may expose you to DNS poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks; we recommend enabling VATLAYER_USE_HTTPS in production sites.

Updating VAT rates

To get current VAT rates from the API run the get_vat_rates management command.

You may also set cron job for running this task daily to always be up to date with current tax rates.