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Python price handling for humans.
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Prices: Python price handling for humans

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from prices import Money
a = Money(10, 'USD')
a += Money(20, 'USD')
# Decimal('30')
a = a.quantize()
# Decimal('30.00')
a = Money('5.00', 'JPY')
# Decimal('5')

Taxed money:

from prices import Money, TaxedMoney
p = TaxedMoney(net=Money(20, 'EUR'), gross=Money(30, 'EUR'))
# Money('20', 'EUR')
# Money('30', 'EUR')
# Money('10', 'EUR')
p = p.quantize()
# Money('20.00', 'EUR')

Taxed ranges:

from prices import Money, TaxedMoney, TaxedMoneyRange
price1 = TaxedMoney(Money(1, 'USD'), Money(1, 'USD'))
price2 = TaxedMoney(Money(10, 'USD'), Money(10, 'USD'))
pr = TaxedMoneyRange(price1, price2)
# TaxedMoney(net=Money('1', 'USD'), gross=Money('1', 'USD'))
# TaxedMoney(net=Money('10', 'USD'), gross=Money('10', 'USD'))
price3 = TaxedMoney(net=Money(5, 'USD'), gross=Money(5, 'USD'))
price3 in pr
# True
pr = pr.quantize()
# Money('1.00', 'USD')


from decimal import Decimal
from prices import Money, TaxedMoney, TaxedMoneyRange, flat_tax
p = TaxedMoney(Money('1.99', 'GBP'), Money('1.99', 'GBP'))
p = flat_tax(p, Decimal('0.23'))
p = p.quantize()
# Money('2.45', 'GBP')

While protecting you from all sorts of mistakes:

from prices import Money
Money(10, 'USD') < Money(15, 'GBP')
# ValueError: Cannot compare amounts in 'USD' and 'GBP'
from prices import Money, TaxedMoney
price1 = TaxedMoney(Money(5, 'BTC'), Money(5, 'BTC'))
price2 = TaxedMoney(Money(7, 'INR'), Money(7, 'INR'))
price1 + price2
# ValueError: Cannot add amount in 'BTC' to 'INR'
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