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Welcome to the May 2018 release of Saleor!

The last month was dominated by the buzz around GDPR coming into force on 25th of May. Since these regulations have a significant impact on every e-commerce businesses, we couldn't fall behind and started preparing Saleor to provide tools to support it. With this release, we bring the ability to delete customer account. Read on to learn about changes we've introduced.

Ability to remove customers' data (#2237 by @Pacu2)

The right to be forgotten is one of the key requirements that GDPR-compliant platform must support. We've added a new section on the user profile page that gives an easy way to request deleting one's account. Also, the staff users can perform this operation from the dashboard. More related tools are to be added soon, see this Github project for details.

Store checkout in the database (#2206 by @mad-anne)

Although nothing has changed in the UI, the backend mechanics underneath the checkout flow has been rewritten. Before, we used to have a virtual checkout object stored between user sessions in a cookie. From now on, this data is stored in the Cart model and saved to the database. It opens a lot of new exciting possibilities, such as tracking and recovering abandoned checkouts, which we're planning to add in the future.

reCAPTCHA integration (#2134 by @NyanKiyoshi)

Saleor has now integration with reCAPTCHA. Enabling it is as simple as providing necessary API keys in the settings file and it will appear in the login form.

Optional inventory tracking (#2247 by @NyanKiyoshi)

From now on it is possible to disable inventory tracking for specific products. It is particularly useful if you're selling digital products.


  • Removed duplicated product list template file (#22249 by @NyanKiyoshi)
  • Restructure emails and commands so it works on Windows (#2187 by @patrys)
  • More descriptive shipping methods list (#2229 by @mad-anne)
  • Change permission display view in group details (#2227 by @mad-anne)
  • Ability to add a new billing address when shipping is not required (#2201 by @mad-anne)
  • Update django-payments to 0.12.3 (#2190 by @maltitco)
  • Update JS dependencies (#22241 by @patrys)


Future releases

As you may know, we're working heavily on the new dashboard. That's why we had to reschedule priorities on our roadmap and move some of the planned features for a later date. Our top priority now is the comprehensive GraphQL API, allowing to access and modify all Saleor's models. Although it's still work-in-progress, those who are interested can preview the changes on the dashboard-2.0 branch.

Thank you

This month we have reached 2000 stars on GitHub! It means a lot and motivates us to push Saleor even further! A big thank you 🙏 for your support and contributions! 👏

Check out our blog post about this release!