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On tax fat groups

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+.. _contrib-tax-flatgroups:
+Flat tax groups
+The ```` allows defining flat tax rates for
+groups of products. This would handle many popular taxing scenarios, including
+VAT rates in EU.
+There is also a possiblity to define a default group. Every product, which does
+not belong to any other group, will be qualified as a member of the default one.
+In this example we assume that you already use :ref:`simpleqty pricing module
+<contrib-pricing-simpleqty>`. You may use any other pricing handler, the only
+requirement is that we receive prices from element earlier in the
+:ref:`pricing handler <pricing-overview>` chain. The ``flatgroups`` module
+needs a value to operate on, it is not capable of fetching prices from database
+or other storage.
+Add the application to the ``INSTALLED_APPS`` list and the built-in provider
+ ...
+ 'satchless.pricing',
+ 'satchless.contrib.pricing.simpleqty',
+ '',
+ )
+ 'satchless.contrib.pricing.simpleqty.handler',
+ '',
+ ]
+In the admin form you will have to create tax groups. The group marked as
+*default* will automatically include all the products that don't belong
+to any other group.
+There can be only one default group. If you mark one, the previous default
+group loses it's status.

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