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backupy backups files using Paramiko SSH. It has options to backup Mikrotik RouterOS configuration and files. It is currently in alfa stage.


  • Get RouterOS cfg
  • Copy remote RouterOS files
  • Copy remote pfSense/linux files
  • Deploy SSH key to RouterOS device (TODO yet)
  • Deploy SSH key to Linux device
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Run remote ssh command

Quick Start

Need to write all that stuff.

CLI Usage Example

: Need to write all that stuff.

Known Issues

  • when a lot of files are copied error occurs: "paramiko.ssh_exception.ChannelException: (1, 'Administratively prohibited')"
  • ftp get need to me modified to copy to /target/ not to /target/ip/ folder
  • if -i arg ip validation failed, additional empty string returned
  • with --multi arg output is totally mixed

Recent Changes


  • multiprocessing broke -i --ip args processing for other then --ros modes - FIXED
  • --overwrite arg added, by default it will not copy file if its same size as local
  • some small fixes


  • multithreading added
  • argument parsing added
  • script mode and interactive mode switch (show progress or not), switch with -v or --verbose
  • check if key alredy added (but only for self, if you want to deploy other hosts` key, check will not work)


  • separate repository created


  • do not create empty folders if wildmask is used
  • enhance show progress for file transferring
  • keys deployment for RouterOS devices
  • logging for script mode and per host
  • pfSense backup function (added with simple options)
  • MySQL backup function
  • remote CMD from args