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4.45453275806855 / Turkey's PM travels to Brussels to bolster EU bid
4.43999843909528 / Kellogg recalls peanut butter products
4.27887338215619 / Obama embarks on train to inaugural history
Words: [president, elect, barack, washington, seeks, reuters]
6.68312745669954 / India Plans Heavy Spending to Stimulate Growth - Wall Street Journal
6.58914771212381 / Your at-home guide to the Inauguration - San Jose Mercury News
5.76246253941588 / China confirms toddler infected with bird flu
Words: [airways, hudson, river, york, that, from]
5.84908971243008 / Toyota recalls 214,500 Lexus vehicles in U.S.
4.52956844658934 / 'We can't pay you yet,' California to tell creditors
4.26386330773356 / You never know which 'Tara' you're going to get - Los Angeles Times
Words: [year, guardian, have, arizona, officials, sunday]
5.11590632029682 / Steelers wary of ball-hawking Ravens - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
4.56510336867357 / What went right, wrong on Flight 1549
4.54770963418455 / Tamil Tiger head may have fled Sri Lanka: army chief
Words: [reuters, said, sunday, state, over, government]
10.1499482040302 / Battered Wall St tops Obama inaugural donors: study
6.74794679117123 / "Erroneous" Western democracy not for China: official
5.90010199491309 / D.C. visitors looking to be part of history
Words: [chronicle, francisco, york, times, articles, post]
9.55584785305291 / Obama stimulus plan not sure bet to heal economy
8.30668771575976 / Obama seeks help in surmounting country's problems
7.50063474053872 / Officials, mom: Insurance help is critical - Martinsville Bulletin
Words: [street, wall, journal, times, hours, articles]
12.2374227183865 / Sri Lankan army 'corners rebels' - BBC News
9.45716514764286 / Six Guantanamo detainees released
1.75431165099011 / Steer clear of peanut butter: U.S. authorities
Words: [sunday, deal, which, prime, ukraine, russia]
10.726549868647 / Gaza rockets hit Israel despite unilateral ceasefire
7.26432173492821 / Geese Pose Big Risk at Airports in Region - New York Times
5.27969965232656 / MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY EVENTS: Honoring a civil rights legend - Newsday
Words: [2009, press, bill, articles, congress, post]
13.6573367429502 / Debris kills boy in stands at monster truck show
6.04814799712188 / Older Americans postpone retirement as economy sags
0.650420043510366 / Obama embarks on train to inaugural history
Words: [israel, unilateral, ceasefire, gaza, into, sunday]
7.53748861180561 / A formal house that has a family in it - Baltimore Sun
4.51953705489794 / Not card-carrying Cardinals fan - Boston Globe
4.14742582839646 / Almost all U.S. cities to lose jobs in 2009: forecast
Words: [will, that, first, washington, president, barack]
7.75424082732704 / Obama team seeks fresh approach to bank crisis
7.57634969715474 / Crippled jetliner hoisted from Hudson River
6.69264523151874 / Bomb and helicopter crash kills 2 U.S. troops, 4 Afghans
Words: [city, into, saturday, washington, that, help]
9.37498624518006 / America: What in the world does it want to be?
8.62330732904569 / High court to hear strip-searched teen's case
5.64226208423239 / Obama to lay wreath, attend concert Sunday
Words: [daily, associated, press, hours, star, articles]
6.22643184363662 / Obama aide: Military advisers to meet on first day
4.85331140962815 / Lewis’s Merrill, Countrywide Buys May Hurt Him, Bank of America - Bloomberg
4.81708635100822 / Russia, Ukraine PMs say reach gas deal
Words: [history, inaugural, washington, from, world, lincoln]
10.1635526804569 / Biden in spotlight at hometown whistle stop visit
5.08128625146224 / Celtics starters pour it on in back-to-back beatings of Nets - Boston Globe
3.03324942130444 / Digital TV Delay Runs Into Protest - New York Times
Words: [more, about, other, officials, washington, health]
5.21590994086411 / Crews hoist ditched plane from Hudson River
4.18569707890758 / Congress is going along with Obama, at least for now - Detroit Free Press
3.78940332155646 / Nation's Hopes High for Obama, Poll Shows - Washington Post
Words: [saturday, from, said, military, guantanamo, reuters]
13.0837873894604 / How Wyeth’s “Helga” Went Viral Before Viral Existed - MSNBC
6.48860670179008 / Obama Cabinet headed toward quick Senate approval
1.45044904006144 / Steve Jobs, chained to a rock -
Words: [have, tamil, army, rebels, lanka, said]
4.1484372665744 / 5 white-knuckled minutes aboard Flight 1549
3.52798491315961 / Health Highlights: Jan. 17, 2009 - Washington Post
3.44478722504142 / Japan PM, opposition rally members as poll looms
Words: [with, washington, said, after, york, this]
8.92569339568056 / Economic stimulus bill to fuel Obama's priorities
8.7582090220588 / A national hero but not quite in the spotlight
7.78767696867431 / Celtics starters pour it on in back-to-back beatings of Nets - Boston Globe
Words: [peanut, butter, products, salmonella, consumers, eating]
12.6132806116738 / FDA: Put off eating peanut butter products
5.40803698664392 / Warning Is Issued on Foods Having Peanut Butter - New York Times
1.96847325427071 / Officials Find Flight 1549’s Black Boxes - New York Times
Words: [jose, mercury, concert, baltimore, quot, when]