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Create Maya node-network by entering a math-formula.
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This OpenSource Python module allows you to create node networks in Autodesk Maya by writing math formulas.

Why use it?

Turn those long lists of cmds.createNode, cmds.setAttr & cmds.connectAttr into readable math formulas.

All you need: Tutorials, CheatSheet, etc.

Documentation on ReadTheDocs

Install & Import

Download or clone this git-repo. Save the inner node_calculator folder (the one that contains, etc.) to your \Documents\maya\scripts folder.

Also you can git clone the repo to a location of your choice then while in the top folder run mayapy -m pip install . This will make sure it is installed in maya's site-packages directory. Optionally you can install it in your userScripts: mayapy -m pip install . -t /path/to/your/userScriptsDirectory/ Note: Make sure to run in a terminal/console that has administrator privileges if Maya is installed in a write-protected folder.


Import it in Maya via

import node_calculator.core as noca

CI tested with:

  • Maya 2018
  • Maya 2017

Run Tests

If you are developing the NodeCalculator further, you can run the test suite to check whether the basic functionality is still intact. To do so, navigate to the bin-folder in your Maya directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin And run this command in a terminal: .\mayapy.exe -m unittest discover -s >path\to\node_calculator\tests< -v

Think this is useful? Share the love and buy me a hot chocolate ;P


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