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@mischov mischov released this May 13, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release


  • [Select] Change the Selector.match?/3 callback to Selector.match/4, which now takes a context and can return a {boolean, context} tuple in addition to returning a boolean.


  • [Select] Add XPath selector support (see Meeseeks.XPath)
  • [Select] Add Selector.filters/1 callback to the Selector behaviour and update selection to allow for filtering matches before proceeding
  • [Select] Add Meeseeks.Context to allow selectors and the selection process to store state
  • [Select] Add Meeseeks.Accumulator behaviour and update Accumulator.{All, One} to use it
  • [Select] Add Node and Root selectors
  • [Select] Add Ancestors, AncestorsOrSelf, Children, Descendants, DescendantsOrSelf, NextSiblings, Parent, PreviousSiblings, and Self selector combinators
  • [Select] Add parent, ancestors, and previous_siblings queries to Document


  • [Parse] Update to meeseeks_html5ever v0.4.6, which correctly parses namespaced elements and doesn't try to bring in html5ever 0.16.0
  • [Extract] Fix html extractor to add namespaces to elements
  • [Usability] Improve Document and Result opaque inspected values
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