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Important links

Your connection list is stored in a file named connections.yml. Example format:

connection name:
  - type: discord
    id: '1234'
    name: 'test channel'
  - type: messenger
    id: '5678'
    name: 'Testing Facebook thread'

Each connection entry consists of "endpoint" blocks, which usually have 3 properties: type (discord/messenger), id and name.
When you add a new connection, type and id is required, name will be added automatically.
You can add as many endpoints to one connections as you want.
Additionally, an endpoint can have a readonly property, which when set to true can make that endpoint read-only

On every launch Miscord will parse connections.yml to get a list of connections and will notify you if something's wrong.
For each connection endpoint there will be added a name, so it will be more readable.

Example connections file (used live on Miscord's Discord server in #testing):

__comment: >-
  This is your connections.yml file. More info at
  - type: discord
    id: '433683136115900421'
    name: testing
  - type: messenger
    id: '1616656375118166'
    name: miscord-testing
  - type: discord
    id: '461611312196091321'
    name: dev-tests
  - type: messenger
    id: '1709943095783086'
    name: dev-1
  - type: messenger
    id: '1458225837612649'
    readonly: true
    name: dev-2
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