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Creating a Discord bot

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  • Go here

  • Click "Create an application"

screenshot of the big button with a plus sign

  • Give your bot a name (it can be anything, it won't be visible to others)
  • Also, copy the Client ID. We'll need it later

screenshot of the name field

  • Don't forget to save the changes!

screenshot of the save changes button

  • Go to the "Bot" tab

screenshot of the bot tab

  • Add a new bot

screenshot of the add bot button

  • Give your bot a username (it'll be public)

screenshot of bot's name

  • Copy the link below and replace (your id here) with your Client ID you copied before id here)&permissions=805829712&scope=bot

Example link:


screenshot of the list of permissions

  • Open that link, choose your server and click "authorize"

screenshot of the authorize button

  • Go back and enter the "bot" tab once again

screenshot of the bot tab

  • Copy the token and paste it into your config/config generator

screenshot of the bot tab

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