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If you want to format your messages on Messenger differently, you can change format value (config.messenger.format)

Supported variables:

  • {username}
  • {message} or {content}
  • {source} (Discord or Messenger: group name in case of Messenger linking)


  "format": "[{username}] {source} {message}",
  "sourceFormat": {
    "discord": "(D)",
    "messenger": "(M - {name})"
Username Input message Source Output message
Bjornskjald Hello world! Discord [Bjornskjald] (D) Hello world!
Bjornskjald Hello from Messenger Messenger (Group name: "Testing") [Bjornskjald] (M - Testing) Hello from Messenger

Source formats are also configurable:

  • Discord (config.messenger.sourceFormat.discord): default (Discord)
  • Messenger (config.messenger.sourceFormat.messenger): default (Messenger: {name})
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