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Meta-repository for Miscreant: misuse-resistant symmetric encryption library with AES-SIV (RFC 5297) and AES-PMAC-SIV support


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The best crypto you've never heard of, brought to you by Phil Rogaway

A misuse resistant symmetric encryption library designed to support authenticated encryption of individual messages, encryption keys, message streams, or large files using the AES-SIV (RFC 5297), AES-PMAC-SIV, and STREAM constructions.

Miscreant is available for several programming languages, including C#, Go, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Rust.

What is Miscreant?

Miscreant is a set of interoperable libraries implemented in several languages providing a high-level API for misuse-resistant symmetric encryption. Additionally, it provides support for "online" [authenticated encryption] use cases such as streaming or incrementally encryption/decryption of large files.

The following algorithms are provided by Miscreant:

  • AES-SIV: an authenticated mode of AES which provides nonce reuse misuse resistance. Described in RFC 5297, it combines the AES-CTR (NIST SP 800-38A) mode of encryption with the AES-CMAC(NIST SP 800-38B) function for integrity.

  • AES-PMAC-SIV: a fully parallelizable variant of AES-SIV which substitutes the AES-PMAC function for integrity, providing effectively identical security properties as the original construction, but much better performance on systems which provide parallel hardware implementations of AES, namely Intel/AMD CPUs.

  • STREAM: a construction which, when combined with AES-SIV or AES-PMAC-SIV, provides online/streaming authenticated encryption and defends against reordering and truncation attacks.

Cipher Comparison

Miscreant Ciphers

Name Authenticated Misuse Resistance x86 Speed IoT Speed† Standardization
AES-SIV 💚 💚 💛 💚 RFC 5297
AES-PMAC-SIV 💚 💚 💚 💚 None

Other Constructions

Name Authenticated Misuse Resistance x86 Speed IoT Speed† Standardization
AES-GCM-SIV 💚 💚 💖 💔 Forthcoming‡
AES-GCM 💚 💔 💖 💔 NIST SP 800-38D
AES-CCM 💚 💔 💛 💚 NIST SP 800-38C
AES-CBC 💔 💔 💚 💚 NIST SP 800-38A
AES-CTR 💔 💔 💚 💚 NIST SP 800-38A
ChaCha20+Poly1305 💚 💔 💚 💛 RFC 7539
XSalsa20+Poly1305 💚 💔 💚 💛 None


Heart Meaning
💚 Great
💛 Fine
💔 Bad

† Assumes hardware acceleration for the AES block cipher function

‡ Work is underway in the IRTF CFRG to provide an informational RFC for AES-GCM-SIV. For more information, see draft-irtf-cfrg-gcmsiv. When standardization work around AES-GCM-SIV is complete, it will be considered for inclusion in this library.

Language Support

Miscreant libraries are available for the following languages:

Language Version
C# nuget
Go N/A
JavaScript npm
Python pypi
Ruby gem
Rust crate


Please see the Miscreant Wiki for more detailed documentation and usage notes.

Related Projects

  • XSTREAM: public-key cryptography built on Miscreant and the X25519 elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman function.
  • minc (the MIscreaNt Cryptotool): a command-line encryption utility built on Miscreant and XSTREAM.

Help and Discussion

Have questions? Want to suggest a feature or change?

Code of Conduct

We abide by the Contributor Covenant and ask that you do as well.

For more information, please see

Key Rap

The paper describing AES-SIV, Deterministic Authenticated-Encryption: A Provable-Security Treatment of the Key-Wrap Problem contains this explanatory rap song at the end, which goes out to all the chronic IV misusing miscreants in the land:

Yo! We’z gonna’ take them keys an’ whatever you pleaze
We gonna’ wrap ’em all up looks like some ran’om gup
Make somethin’ gnarly and funky won’t fool no half-wit junkie
So the game’s like AE but there’s one major hitch
No coins can be pitched there’s no state to enrich
the IV’s in a ditch dead drunk on cheap wine
Now NIST and X9 and their friends at the fort
suggest that you stick it in a six-layer torte
S/MIME has a scheme there’s even one more
So many ways that it’s hard to keep score
And maybe they work and maybe they’re fine
but I want some proofs for spendin’ my time
After wrappin’ them keys gonna’ help out some losers
chronic IV abusers don’t read no directions
risk a deadly infection If a rusty IV’s drippin’ into yo’ veins
and ya never do manage to get it exchanged
Then we got ya somethin’ and it comes at low cost
When you screw up again not all ’ill be lost


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


Copyright (c) 2017-2018 The Miscreant Developers. Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

Some language-specific subprojects include sources from other authors with more specific licensing requirements, though all projects are MIT licensed. Please see the respective LICENSE.txt files in each project for more information.


Meta-repository for Miscreant: misuse-resistant symmetric encryption library with AES-SIV (RFC 5297) and AES-PMAC-SIV support




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