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Code shows the current and upcoming map schedules for Splatoon 2.

This site was built with Vue.js and Bulma. All data comes from the SplatNet 2 API.

More information about Nintendo's API can be found here.

Note: The Splatnet updater script requires Node.js v8 or later.

Getting Started

Clone this repo:

git clone

Next, copy .env.example to .env and update its values.

cp .env.example .env

You can retrieve your iksm_session ID value (NINTENDO_SESSION_ID inside .env) using Fiddler or a similar tool. See here for further instructions.

I recommend using Yarn to manage JS dependencies.

yarn install    # Install dependencies
yarn splatnet   # Retrieve updates from Splatnet and the Salmon Run calendar
yarn serve      # Start the webpack dev server

Data retrieved from Splatnet is stored in the public/data directory.

By default, the dev server will run on port 8080. When running yarn serve you can access the site by going to http://localhost:8080.


Build minified assets for production:

yarn build

Retrieve updates from Splatnet every hour via node-cron:

yarn cron


I use a Docker container on my production server to build production assets and retrieve data from Splatnet.

sudo docker-compose run --rm app yarn build     # Build production assets
sudo docker-compose up -d app                   # Start periodic updates


🦑 Current and upcoming map schedules for Splatoon 2





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