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You see that error because of call of WebUser::updateSession(), that is called from User::afterSave(), that is triggered in ActivationController::actionActivation():

elseif(isset($find->activkey) && ($find->activkey==$activkey)) {
                $find->activkey = UserModule::encrypting(microtime());
                $find->status = 1;
                $find->save(); // <<< HERE TRIGGERED
                $this->render('/user/message',array('title'=>UserModule::t("User activation"),'content'=>UserModule::t("You account is activated.")));

but the problem is, that the user in this moment is not loged in!
I am not using yii-user, but when I have all understood, that behevior can also be generated in clean yii-user extension, with WebUser::autoLogin = false, so I think, that the error should be fixed in yii-user in User modell.







that fixed the problem

fixed for me.


thank you!

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