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CI shield

Vite + Svelte + tRPC

This template should help get you started developing with Vite, Svelte and tRPC combo


  • HMR for client code with Vite and automatic build and restart for server with tcx on file changes
  • Vitest for unit tests
  • Playwright for E2E tests
  • GitHub Actions workflow with build, lint and test steps
  • Dependabot setup to keep dependencies updated
  • Express server to serve SPA and handle tRPC API calls

How to work with this template?

Create repo from this template with "Use this template" button above and clone it

Run npm i to install dependencies

Start server and client

npm run dev

For HMR support use http://localhost:5173/ link by default. tRPC endpoint is http://localhost:5000/

You can also start client and server separately. Use npm run dev:server to start server and npm run dev:client to start client


Unit test are living in tests directory. To execute them, run:

npm run test

E2E UI tests are livind in e2e directory. To execute them, run:

npm run e2e

Create and run production build

npm run build
npm run start

Important points of file structure

  • dist - client and server build directory
  • e2e - E2E tests
  • tests - unit tests
  • src
    • lib
      • trpc.ts - tRPC client setup to use in browser code
    • server
      • index.ts - setup for ExpressJS server which combines static files serving and tRPC server
      • trpc.ts - setup for tRPC server
      • test_data.ts - test data to showcase basic capabilities of this setup

Recommended IDE Setup

VS Code + Svelte.