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This cookbook can be used to bootstrap a Chef Server 12 cluster with an initial set of nodes.


Install the Chef Development Kit, available via

On Mac OS X and Linux, configure the PATH and GEM environment variables with:

$ eval "$(chef shell-init bash)"

All cookbook-related development activities are Rake tasks:

rake bootstrap                      # Bootstrap with chef-solo
rake complete                       # Run _all_ the tests
rake foodcritic                     # Lint Chef cookbooks
rake kitchen:all                    # Run all test instances
rake kitchen:analytics-centos65     # Run analytics-centos65 test instance
rake kitchen:analytics-ubuntu1404   # Run analytics-ubuntu1404 test instance
rake kitchen:node1-centos65         # Run node1-centos65 test instance
rake kitchen:node1-ubuntu1404       # Run node1-ubuntu1404 test instance
rake kitchen:node2-centos65         # Run node2-centos65 test instance
rake kitchen:node2-ubuntu1404       # Run node2-ubuntu1404 test instance
rake kitchen:standalone-centos65    # Run standalone-centos65 test instance
rake kitchen:standalone-ubuntu1404  # Run standalone-ubuntu1404 test instance
rake rubocop                        # Run RuboCop
rake rubocop:auto_correct           # Auto-correct RuboCop offenses
rake spec                           # Run RSpec code examples
rake standalone:converge[platform]  # converge standalone cluster
rake standalone:create[platform]    # create standalone cluster
rake standalone:destroy[platform]   # destroy standalone cluster
rake standalone:login[platform]     # login to standalone server
rake test:quick                     # Run all the quick tests

To spin up your very own test Chef Server cluster:

$ rake standalone:converge

Access web management UI via the username password chefadmin / chefadmin:


The IP address is configurable with the CHEF_SERVER_IP environment variable.


3.5GB free memory for the instances:

  • Chef Server - 1.5GB
  • Analytics Server - 1.5GB
  • Each node managed by Chef - 512MB

Clone this repository:

git clone

Install the Chef Development Kit for your platform.

Install the following virtualization software:


The attributes used by this cookbook are in the node['chef_server12'] namespace:

Attribute Description Type Default
admin_username Chef admin username String 'chefadmin'
admin_firstname Chef admin first name String 'Chef'
admin_lastname Chef admin last name String 'Admin'
admin_email Chef admin e-mail String 'chefadmin@localhost'
admin_private_key_path Local path where a copy of private key for the admin user should be stored '/tmp/chefadmin.pem'
analytics Install Chef Analytics Boolean true
api_fqdn Fully qualified domain name that you want to use for accessing the Web UI and API. String node['api_fqdn']
backend.analytics_fqdn Fully qualified domain name of the Chef Analytics server machine String node['analytics_fqdn']
backend.analytics_ipaddress (Optional) IP address of the Chef Analytics server machine String node['analytics_ipaddress']
backend.fqdn Fully qualified domain name of the Chef Server machine itself. String node['api_fqdn']
backend.ipaddress (Optional) IP address of the Chef Server machine String node['ipaddress']
feature List of premium features to install. Possible values are opscode-manage, opscode-reporting, chef-sync, and opscode-push-jobs-server. Boolean false
nodes List of fqdn: ipaddress pair values of nodes to register. ipaddress is optional Hash
configuration Configuration values to pass down to the underlying server config file (i.e. /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb). Hash
org_name Organization name to be created String 'default'
org_long_name Descriptive string for the organization String 'Default Organization'
org_private_key Name for the organization validation key String #{node['chef_server12']['organization']}-validator.pem
org_private_key_path Local path where a copy of organization validation key should be stored '/tmp/default-validator.pem'
topology Installation cluster topology. Possible values are standalone, tiered or ha. String 'standalone'
version Chef Server version to install. This value is ignored if package_file is set. String :latest
write_hosts Generate /etc/hosts file on nodes with values from backend and nodes attributes. Boolean false


Here's the recipes in the cookbook and how to use them in your environment.


Installs a Chef Server cluster using the standalone topology and registers the specified initial set of nodes.


Initializes a node, allowing root access by the Chef Server temporarily to bootstrap the node with Chef.

Install Methods

Bootstrapping with chef-solo

In production, chef-solo can be used to run a Chef cookbook when there is no Chef Server. chef-solo is included with the Chef Client install, available via:

curl -L | sudo bash

In order to use chef-solo to run this cookbook, create a .json file with the attribute values reflecting the intended setup. You can find an example in bootstrap/standalone.json:

  "chef_server12": {
    "topology": "standalone",
    "api_fqdn": "",
    "write_hosts": true,
    "backend": {
      "fqdn": "",
      "ipaddress": ""
  "run_list": [

Also create a solo.rb file with the full path to the root cookbooks/ directory where this cookbook is stored. Unfortunately this is the one necessary value that cannot be passed to chef-solo as a command line parameter. Here is an example solo.rb file:

cookbook_path '/var/chef-solo/cookbooks'

Here's the command like you would use to use chef-solo to perform a Chef run:

$ sudo chef-solo --json-attributes standalone.json --config ./solo.rb

The following Rake task can be used to run chef-solo:

$ rake bootstrap

Demo with Test Kitchen

You can also use Test Kitchen to quickly generate a development Chef Server setup. Refer to the Overview section.


Configures a system to run Chef Server 12






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