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Sho's contribution to the work 1905.12634.
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leptogenesis option

Sho's contribution to the work

V. Brdar, A. J. Helmboldt, S. Iwamoto, K. Schmitz, Type-I Seesaw as the Common Origin of Neutrino Mass, Baryon Asymmetry, and the Electroweak Scale, arXiv:1905.12634.


© Sho Iwamoto, 2019

The files under directories named refs are not the product of Sho Iwamoto but others, as obviously understood. The other content in this repository is licensed by Sho Iwamoto under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0 International Public License. In addition, program codes in this repository are licensed under the MIT License.


To install required programs, run

cd vendor
git submodule init    # initialize submodule-system.
git submodule update  # load all the submodule source codes.
./         # build mr
./  # build LoopTools
# etc...

The set-up is tested in macOS with Mathematica 11. If you encounter errors in the build process, look into each build script or consult Sho on Slack.

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