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Yet Another SLHA module for Python3


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yaslha: Yet Another SLHA module for Python3

A Python3 package to manipulate SLHA files and convert them to other file formats (JSON and YAML).

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The SUSY Les Houches Accord is a data format widely used in particle physics phenomenology. It is originally defined in arXiv:hep-ph/0311123 and extended to SLHA2 in arXiv:0801.0045.

Because of its birth in FORTRAN era it is a fixed length format such as

BLOCK SMINPUTS                  # Standard Model input parameters
     1     1.27934000e+02   # alpha_em^-1(M_Z)^MSbar
     2     1.16637000e-05   # G_F [GeV^-2]
     3     1.17200000e-01   # alpha_S(M_Z)^MSbar
     4     9.11876000e+01   # mZ (pole)
     5     4.18000000e+00   # mb(mb)^MSbar
     6     1.73300000e+02   # mt (pole)
     7     1.77682000e+00   # mtau (pole)
BLOCK ALPHA                    #
          -2.68630018e-02   # Higgs mixing parameter
BLOCK HMIX Q= 2.00000000e+02   # Higgs parameters (DRbar)
     1     5.40000000e+02   # mu(Q)
     2     4.00000000e+01   # tanbeta(Q)
     3     2.46220569e+02   # vev(Q)
     4     2.30400000e+05   # mA^2(Q)

and extended in many program codes.

Python has two famous SLHA parser: PySLHA by Andy Buckley and pylha by David M. Straub. yaslha is "yet another" SLHA parser, influenced much by these two parsers.

Python regrettably experienced a terrible era due to the transition from Python2 to Python3. To reduce code complexity, this package supports only Python3.4 and later versions.




Sho Iwamoto / Misho, under much influence from PySLHA by Andy Buckley and pylha by David M. Straub.