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Source Map trees - Requesting API, parse(), individual "input sourcemap" option. #151

uiteoi opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Currently, to specify an input source map, one uses the global "orig" option of SourceMap().

This works if there is a single source, but does not allow to specify multiple input source maps when multiple files are provided through multiple calls to parse().

The requested option to parse() would solve this issue, allowing to have some files with input source maps, and some without.

A typical use case is when some source files are Coffee script. There is one individual source map for each compiled coffee source.


I posted this 8 months ago, and still believe this is an important feature, especially as there is a growing number of compilers with a JavaScript target.

Recently I came across a Ruby to JavaScript compiler and a JVM. There will be more an more as JavaScript is a de-facto virtual machine for Web DSLs.


This is linked to issue #145 but this one is about the API.

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