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(cl:defpackage #:cl-uglify-js.main
(:use #:cl #:cl-uglify-js #:unix-options))
(in-package #:cl-uglify-js.main)
(defun uglify-stream (stream &key (beautify t) no-sequences keep-dead-code mangle-toplevel)
(ast-gen-code (ast-mangle (ast-squeeze (parse-js:parse-js stream)
:sequences (not no-sequences)
:dead-code (not keep-dead-code))
:toplevel mangle-toplevel)
:beautify beautify))
(defun main (argv)
(declare (ignore argv))
(with-cli-options () (beautify no-sequences no-comment keep-dead-code mangle-toplevel overwrite &free rest)
(let ((input-file (car rest))
(output-file (cadr rest)))
(macrolet ((with-input-file ((input) &body body)
(let ((thunk (gensym)))
`(let (,input)
(flet ((,thunk () ,@body))
(if input-file
(with-open-file (in input-file)
(setq ,input in)
(setq ,input *standard-input*)
(let ((result (with-input-file (input)
(uglify-stream input :beautify beautify
:no-sequences no-sequences
:keep-dead-code keep-dead-code
:mangle-toplevel mangle-toplevel))))
;; parse-js's lexer doesn't yet have an option to return comments
;; (unless no-comment
;; (let ((comments (with-input-file (input)
;; (loop :with lexer = (parse-js:lex-js input)
;; :for token = (lexer)
;; :while (eq (car token) :comment) :collect (cadr token)))))))
(if (or overwrite output-file)
(with-open-file (out (if overwrite input-file output-file)
:direction :output
:if-exists :overwrite
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(write-string result out))
(write-string result *standard-output*)))))))
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