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fixes #1 -- add parens in (function(){...}).foo when the function is …


thing in a statement
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1 parent e970ad7 commit 7ef0999efdf1a37d2a48a58e0c7fed67016ddf65 @mishoo committed Feb 9, 2011
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@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@ characters in string S to STREAM."
:for (this p) :on stack
:when (eq (car p) :stat) :do (return t)
- :unless (and (eq (car p) :seq)
- (eq (cadr p) this)) :do (return nil)))
+ :unless (and (eq (cadr p) this)
+ (member (car p) '(:seq :call :binary))) :do (return nil)))
((:name :array :string :dot :sub :call :regexp) nil)
(t t)))

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