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jsinfo.el — an Emacs minor mode for helping with JS

Hint: try Tern. If that works for you, it's probably much better than this little mode. Tern does a lot of magic and when it works it's really impressive.

jsinfo.el is a lot more limited, being able to deal only with the current buffer rather than scanning an entire directory tree. It doesn't help with object methods or properties; instead, it only deals with variables (scope). Some of the best code I wrote is not so much about objects, but functions (heavily nested functions, sometimes) and I find it useful to be able to quickly locate where a variable is defined, what are the free variables in a function (hint: if there are no free vars, or if all the free vars are global, then you can lift that one closure to upper levels), or quickly rename a variable.

Since I've been using this for quite a while and I find it useful I decided to publish it and hope it'll help others too.

Note: since it's using a rigorous JS parser, for using any of the functionality described below the buffer must contain syntactically valid JS code. I might try to change the parser to Acorn's loose parser but personally I don't mind this restriction.


  • you need NodeJS. I have 0.10.29, should work with later versions too.
  • npm install uglify-js
  • clone this repository
  • load jsinfo.el in your .emacs

jsinfo-mode will activate automatically when you load a JavaScript file (the hook is added on js-mode-hook; if you use something else, like js2-mode, then you should add the hook yourself).


  • M-? (jsinfo-highlight-symbol) — highlights all occurrences of the symbol at point
  • M-. (jsinfo-goto-definition) — go to definition of the variable at point
  • M-, (jsinfo-undo-goto-definition) — after a M-., this goes back to the previous location
  • C-c f or C-c C-f (jsinfo-highlight-free-vars) — highlight the free variables in the current function
  • C-c v or C-c C-v (jsinfo-highlight-local-vars) — highlight local variable/function definitions in the current scope
  • C-c r (jsinfo-highlight-return-points) — highlight return statements in the current function
  • C-c <left> or C-c C-<left> (jsinfo-extend-region-node) — select the current JS expression; press repeatedly to extend it to the parent node
  • C-c <up> or C-c C-<up> (jsinfo-extend-region-statement) — select the current statement; press repeatedly to extend to the parent node
  • C-c <down> or C-c C-<down> (jsinfo-extend-region-undo) — undo last region extension by one of the previous two functions

Highlight mode:

After highlighting something via one of the jsinfo-highlight-* functions the following additional bindings are available:

  • C-<up> (jsinfo-goto-prev-symbol) — move to the previous occurrence
  • C-<down> (jsinfo-goto-next-symbol) — move to the next occurrence
  • C-<return> (jsinfo-rename-symbol) — rename the symbol at point (only makes sense when point is on a variable name)
  • ESC or C-g (jsinfo-forgetit) — quit the highlight minor mode; removes any highlighting


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