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(in-package #:sytes)
(defparameter *json-notify-before* nil)
(defparameter *json-notify-after* nil)
(export 'syte+json)
(defclass syte+json ()
((json-handlers :accessor syte-json-handlers
:initarg :json-handlers
:initform (make-hash-table :test #'equal))))
;;; some utils
(defun dashes-to-underscores (str)
(substitute #\_ #\- str))
(defun underscores-to-dashes (str)
(substitute #\- #\_ str))
(defun json-identifier-name-to-lisp (str)
(underscores-to-dashes str)))
(defun lisp-identifier-name-to-json (str)
(dashes-to-underscores str)))
(defparameter *json-standard* nil)
(defmethod json:encode-json ((value local-time:timestamp) &optional stream)
(if *json-standard*
(json:encode-json (local-time:format-rfc3339-timestring nil value) stream)
(write-string "new Date(" stream)
(json:encode-json (+ (* 1000 (local-time:timestamp-to-unix value))
(local-time:timestamp-millisecond value)) stream)
(write-string ")" stream))))
(export 'with-standard-json)
(defmacro with-standard-json (&body body)
`(let ((*json-standard* t))
(defmethod json:encode-json ((value (eql :null)) &optional stream)
(write-string "null" stream))
(defclass cl-json-always-hash ()
((data :initarg :data :type list)))
(defmethod json:encode-json ((this cl-json-always-hash) &optional stream)
(let ((val (slot-value this 'data)))
(if (consp (car val))
(json:encode-json-alist val stream)
(json:encode-json-plist val stream))))
(export 'json-hash)
(defun json-hash (data)
(make-instance 'cl-json-always-hash :data data))
(defclass cl-json-already-json ()
((data :initarg :data :type string)))
(defmethod json:encode-json ((this cl-json-already-json) &optional stream)
(with-slots (data) this
(write-string data stream)))
(export 'json-already)
(defun json-already (data)
(make-instance 'cl-json-already-json :data data))
(export 'define-json-handler)
(defmacro define-json-handler (syte name args &body body)
`(flet ((,name ,args ,@body))
(setf (gethash (symbol-name ',name) (syte-json-handlers ,syte)) #',name)))
(export 'json-push-notify)
(defun json-push-notify (type data &optional (how :after))
(ecase how
(:after (push (vector nil type data) *json-notify-after*))
(:before (push (vector nil type data) *json-notify-before*))))
(defgeneric execute-json-requests (syte requests)
(:method ((syte syte+json) requests)
(loop with before and after
for (id cmd . args) in requests
for ret = (let ((*json-notify-before* nil)
(*json-notify-after* nil)
(func (gethash (string-upcase cmd) (syte-json-handlers syte))))
(vector id cmd
(apply func args)
(setf before *json-notify-before*
after *json-notify-after*))
(rpc-error (ex)
when before nconc it
collect ret
when after nconc it)))
(export 'rpc-error)
(define-condition rpc-error (error)
((code :initarg :code :initform nil :accessor code)
(text :initarg :text :initform "NOTEXT" :accessor text)
(info :initarg :info :initform "NOINFO" :accessor info)))
(defmethod json:encode-json ((e rpc-error) &optional stream)
(json:encode-json (json-hash `((error . ((code . ,(code e))
(text . ,(text e))
(info . ,(info e))))))
(export 'syte-on-error)
(defgeneric syte-on-error (syte ex))
(export 'syte-enable-json-handler)
(defgeneric syte-enable-json-handler (syte)
(:method ((syte syte+json))
(def-url-handler (syte "^/@json(/std)?$" *json-standard*)
(let ((json:*json-identifier-name-to-lisp* #'json-identifier-name-to-lisp)
(json:*lisp-identifier-name-to-json* #'lisp-identifier-name-to-json))
(let* ((data (tbnl:raw-post-data))
(response (block response
(handler-bind ((rpc-error
(lambda (ex)
(syte-on-error syte ex)
(return-from response ex)))
(lambda (ex)
(syte-on-error syte ex)
(return-from response
(make-condition 'rpc-error :code 'syntax :text "Syntax error in JSON"))))
(lambda (ex)
(when tbnl:*catch-errors-p*
(syte-on-error syte ex)
(let ((backtrace (trivial-backtrace:print-backtrace ex :output nil)))
(return-from response
(make-condition 'rpc-error :code 'fatal :text backtrace)))))))
(unless data
(error 'rpc-error :code :nodata :text "No POST data"))
(unless (stringp data)
(setq data (trivial-utf-8:utf-8-bytes-to-string data)))
(setf data (json:decode-json-from-string data))
(execute-json-requests syte data)))))
`(:content-type "text/javascript; charset=UTF-8"
:content ,(json:encode-json-to-string response)))))))