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243 is version on 5x5 2048 game
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243 Game

A small clone of 1024, based on Saming's 2048 (also a clone).

Made just for fun. Play it here! Get Andorid version from Google Apps Store

disqus aobut game


Many thanks to rayhaanj, Mechazawa, grant, remram44 and ghoullier for the many other good contributions.


  • Need make restart button - DONE
  • Create the possibility to continue playing DONE
  • Android version DONE



That screenshot is fake, by the way. I never reached 243 😄


Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and open a pull request. Please make your changes in a specific branch and request to pull into master! If you can, please make sure the game fully works before sending the PR, as that will help speed up the process.

You can find the same information in the contributing guide.


243 is licensed under the MIT license.


If you want to make donation please send me message

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