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A fairly opinionated boilerplate for working with WordPress on Valet.
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WP Valet Boilerplate

This is designed as a quick boilerplate for working in WordPress on Laravel Valet. It is primarily built to facilitate my own workflow and provides the following:

  • Array-based configuration from a single file
  • WordPress in a sub-directory
  • Remote image loading where a local version of the file isn't found
  • WP debug log moved outside of the wp-content directory
  • A development log and utility for dumping data to a separate log file while working
  • A set of WP-CLI commands under wp valetbp for easy synchronisation with remote sites

Please note: this is a fairly opinionated set up and that really comes down to the fact that this was designed to aid my own existing workflow. Feel free to fork and mod to suit your own needs.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have installed all dependencies (see dependencies section further down)
  • In your terminal, head to your Valet directory:
    • cd ~/path/to/valet
  • Clone this puppy into a new project under your valet directory:
    • git clone my-new-project
  • Move into the project directory:
    • cd my-new-project
  • Create a local config file:
    • cp valetbp-config-sample.php valetbp-config.php
  • Modify the config file accordingly.
  • Run the installation:
    • php bin/install.php



Aside from the above-mentioned dependencies, this boilerplate is also geared towards the following:

Speeding up Composer

Hate long waits for Composer? Check out the Prestissimo package for parallel package installation.

WP CLI Commands

wp valetbp sync

Carries out a full sync and local config based on settings in valetbp-config.php under sync. This includes:

  • Pulling the DB via WP Migrate DB Pro
  • Registering ACF Pro serial key
  • Installing any dev-only plugins
  • De/Activating plugins to suit the development environment
  • Flushing rewrite rules
  • Logging in

wp valetbp post-sync

Carries out all post database sync tasks listed in the sync command

wp valetbp login

Generates a one-time login URL and opens that URL in the browser. The authenticated user will be that configured in valetbp-config.php under auth.username.

wp valetbp pull-db

Pulls the DB via WP Migrate DB Pro with CLI Addon

wp valetbp register-acf

Registers the ACF Pro key

wp valetbp install-plugins

Installs any plugins configured in valetbp-config.php under sync.plugins.activate

wp valetbp toggle-plugins

De/activates any plugins as per the valetbp-config.php under sync.plugins

wp valetbp test-smtp

Fires a test email via wp_mail() and opens up Mailhog in a browser for review

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