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Dialogflow Gateway by Ushakov (Hosted) FAQ

Am i required to use Dialogflow Gateway in order to use Ushakov's integrations?


Am i required to use Dialogflow Gateway by Ushakov?

No, Dialogflow Gateway API is free for anyone to implement (see the docs). However, we will not provide support for any integrations, that use your variant of Dialogflow Gateway

What happens to my personal data?

This is a subject of the Privacy Policy

Do you track any sessions?

No, we don't have to. The services are billed after amount of messages you sent us

Do you store any messages?

No, only the count of messages you sent us is stored for our billing purposes

What happens when you change the API or Terms?

You will be notified via the E-Mail, that you used to sign up

Will my integrations stop working after i exceed free quota?


How is my usage going to be billed?

If you are over the free quota, you will get a e-mail on the 1th of the following month containing instructions on how to transmit your payment

Why is my integration displayed as "Blocked"?

Dialogflow Gateway Blocked

Likely, because it has violated our ToS. Get in touch and find out, why it happened and what you can do

For any further questions, contact us